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Monitoring your gateway with syslog and irc

18 June 2015

A simple way of monitoring your log files through syslog and a IRC bot.

Pitfalls of grouping gems in your Gemfile

13 February 2015

I learnt the hard way never to group gem environments together. I should have read the documentation better because it cost me an hour of my time.

RSpec view tests with I18n and HTML Entities

15 February 2014

Whilst recently developing a Rails 4 app with RSpec I ran across a view test comparison string problem that took me a while to solve. When using HTML entities in I18n strings any comparison will fail because you are comparing against the rendered encoded value.

Web Developer to Pen Tester

18 June 2013

In April 2013 I finally made the switch from a full time web developer to pen tester. The transition between these two professions was a little easier than I expected.

October 2012 Conferences and Training

30 December 2012

So after a crazy couple of months I finally have a moment to sit down and write about my experience during the Breakpoint / Ruxcon conferences and training held October this year.

Test-driven Development

13 August 2012

I have never before written any sort of tests for my code. Surprised? ... not really when coming from a PHP background, however over the last 8 months I have been attempting to adhere too the software development cycle, Test-driven Development also know as TDD.

Making the switch to Vim

11 July 2012

I have never fully been happy with any Editor/IDE I have used previously, so with its loyal following and large range of plugin's I decided to give Vim a try full time.

Web Application Hacking Training and Pen Testing Environment

01 July 2012

So I have neglected this blog for the last couple of months, I have been incredibly busy on some exciting new projects which I hope to announce in the near future. 2012 also sees a new blog design, attempting to keep it minimalistic.

2011, the year of the BeEF Project

05 September 2011

Over the last couple of months I have been working hard with developers from around the world to refactor, stabilize and improve the Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF). The core codebase has had a major re-write, allowing for greater flexibility and stability.

Command line kungfu

02 August 2011

I always thought my command line kungfu was alright, I knew there were things that I just didn't understand or know but I was comfortable with that ... until recently. I was working with a large subversion repository and needed to commit back a lot of files. However throughout the commit list where versioned files that I did not want to commit. GUI subversion clients usually allow you to deselect files when commiting which is very useful, however I wanted to stay at the command line.

jQuery Madness

06 July 2011

jQuery is a fantastic JavaScript library, combined with the Sizzle library it’s a web developers dream. Usually when working with jQuery I activate noConflict mode. This allows jQuery to be rebound from its usual assignment of window.$ or window.jQuery to a specified variable name. This is useful if you’re dealing with multiple JavaScript frameworks that all want control over the $ variable name.

Less is a good thing - Really?

26 June 2011

For years this website has gone through numerous revisions, re-builds and re-designs. Ranging from a full portfolio management system to a simple blog, I was always working to achieve perfection. Here I was telling my clients that a website is truly never finished, it just continually evolves, yet I was ignoring the very same advice when it came to my website.