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Recording PulseAudio output with ffmpeg

This post describes a simple way to record system audio via pulseaudio and ffmpeg. Additionally you can use ffmpeg to extract part of an audio file.

Custom ArchLinux LXC Templates for Proxmox

This blog details my process for setting up an ArchLinux LXC base image for all of my local network services. This saves time and replaces my old failing Ansible scripts.

Creating an API for a legacy device over telnet using tmux and nodered

Using NodeRED and tmux you can build your own custom API for any device that supports alternative communication mechanisms. No longer is it game over when a device doesn't support an API.

RSS - the lifeblood of the interesting web

All the makers/creators/hackers and alike, please ensure RSS functionality is enabled.

The nostalgic world wide web

A common theme emerges among people born in the 70s and 80s, who grew up when the world wide web (internet) was still young. They miss the "good old days", the pre-2010 internet when things weren't as commercialised....

Valuable advice on getting into a creative mindset

A few years ago I came across a brilliant presentation by John Cleese around getting yourself into a creative mindset.

GPU (Nvidia) passthrough on Proxmox LXC container

Setting up GPU (nvidia) passthrough inside an Arch Linux container, running on Proxmox...

Efficiency in DOS based applications - VideoMinder

I witnessed the transition from VHS to DVD then Blu-Ray, learnt how to splice VHS tape and mastered the art of carrying twenty VHS tapes in one arm...

Bulk export OneNote 2013/2016 pages as HTML

With thousands of notes stuck in OneNote 2013/2016 format I whipped up a quick PowerShell script to bulk export everything including attachments to HTML...

The Blue Team Blues

Recently presented on the challenges facing the blue team whilst investigating red team activity and the disconnect in the time effort required...